My Expertise

“A good board should spend 75% of its time talking about and creating the future, and only 25% of its time looking at (monitoring) the past… They must send most of their time looking forward through the windshield, not backward into the rear-view mirror… All effective leaders do that. They spend lots of time thinking about the future and they encourage those around them to do the same …Dreams are a stimulant that keeps life fresh.”  [Paul Powell, Getting the Lead Out of Leadership, published by the author, Tyler, Texas, 1997, p. 71]

Teaching the Bible book by book and leadership training

Teaching the bible Book by Book in Bible Colleges, Church settings and other fellowships. I have taught students doing Master of Arts courses and others at Assemblies of God Bible College Sri Lanka, Lanka Bible College Sri Lanka, Colombo Theological Seminary Sri Lanka. I have ministered the word at various interdenominational churches in Australia, Sri Lanka and India including other Christian Fellowships/organisations. In general I preferred to teach under the topics of Biblical Book Studies, Pneumatology, Eschatology and Leadership, Church Leadership, Church Governance and Coaching. I can also provide guidance on Bible based church structuring, operation, biblical governance and general management of church functions.I have provided such services at churches in Australia including Christian Fellowships/organisations.

Some IT skills

I can provide assistance on IT matters such as Business Intelligence, Excel modelling, Word Press geared Web site Building to the community.Provide Financial Health checks Young and older people in the community often carry out living their life without adequate planning particularly on a matter such as personal Finance. Good financial habits on saving, tracking spending, structuring personal or Investment loan/bank accounts should be developed at your early adulthood and as adults close on the age of 50 more, greater emphasis should be given to retirement planning.

Financial health checks

I could help individuals in the following ways:

  • Discuss and refer to best deals in securing Home Loans tailored to your circumstances
  • How to structure their Savings account/Offset account/Principle place of residence loan/Property investment loan
  • Know how get tools to track their monthly income & spends and even forecasting monthly income & spends into the future
  • Understand tracking personal wealth creation using excel based models
  • Evaluation of purchase of Real Estate Property for investment and/or development using smart Excel based models
  • Use Excel based model to know how long your Super Annuation and other wealth will last after your retirement
  • Guide and assist in simple wordpress based websites for you personally or your organisation

Life mentoring

I can provide Mentoring support to individuals who desires to DRIVE the process beginning from helping to discover God given gifts and talents and  achieve the vision of God’s calling.