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‘Maybe more important than ability is attitude. Herb Kellehher, president of Southwest Airlines, says, “We look for attitude… we’ll train you on whatever it is you have to do, but one thing Southwest cannot change in people is inherent attitudes.”‘    [Paul Powell, Getting the Lead Out of Leadership, published by the author, Tyler, Texas, 1997, p. 95]

Leadership & Bible Resources used and applied in churches and Christian Organisations

Christian Leadership Essentials_Part1

Christian Leadership Essentials_Part2

Leadership Excellence_Part1

Leadership Excellence_Part2

Bible based Church Government


Matthews Gospel

Lukes Gospel

Marks Gospel

Johns Gospel







Romans-Ch1-4 read only

Roman-Tamil-Ch1-4-Part1-2 Read only

Tamil_Essentials-of-Christianity read only

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Pre reading Articles for Leadership Courses – Currents trends in Leadership / Values and Ethics in Leadership / Conflict Resolution in Leadership / Personality traits in Leadership (Students will be advised the articles relevant to the course)

Good Ethical Codes in mentoring

Good Ethical Codes for Ministers

00a. WeLeadFromInsideOut

00a. WeLeadFromInsideOut

0 LBC_VEIL_Course Summary

01a. Inside Out[Intro_Ch1]

01b. Developing_a_Philosophy_of_Leadership

01c. Ethics-and-LeadershipWhitePaper

01d. GLOBEsummary-by-Michael-H-Hoppe

01e Hofstede_Cultures

01f. BlissLessonsOfIgnorance

01g. FundamentalMoralOrientations

01h. Principle centered leadership

03a. RoleOfPower

04c. ValuesDrivenLdrshpPeterODonnel

04b. LID_AC05

02c. PrincipleCenteredLdrshipStevanCovey

03a. LeadingToBeLead

03b. Values-Based Leadership

06. Who am I

06. SWOTAnalysisWorksheet

06. LifePlanWorkbook

06. Discover Your Strengths

06. LifeEvaluationWorkbook_Print and keep copy

The Fifth Discipline



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Training Evaluation and Feedback



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