Invisible Résumé

People’s opinions of you as a colleague or leader heavily influence hiring and promotion decisions. But these opinions are often something you can’t see. Here are four steps to stay on top of your invisible résumé:
1. Find out what people think. Seek 360-degree feedback. Ask trusted colleagues for frank advice about how you can improve.
2. Ask for more than basic feedback. Don’t wait for your annual performance review. Ask your manager for substantive feedback on your performance and how you might push forward your career.
3. Begin to rewrite your own story. If you’ve gotten some tough feedback and you’d like to change, ask for help. Be upfront with your boss, direct reports, and colleagues about what you’re working on and why.
4. Check your invisible résumé regularly. Once is not enough. Establish channels for ongoing feedback and periodically take the time to do a self-assessment.

[Adapted from “Rewrite Your Invisible Résumé” by Vicky Gordon]


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