3 Ways to Instill Passion in Your People

Passionate employees produce better results. The best way to spark passion in your people is to demonstrate your own passion — but you needn’t be a cheerleader. Here are three ways to authentically show your enthusiasm and inspire others:
1. Focus on the positive. Employees know when a leader truly cares about a company or a project. Passionate leaders can’t help but talk about what’s working well and try to find ways to fix what isn’t.
2. Don’t ignore the negative. Passionate leaders aren’t all about sunny skies — they address negatives in a realistic way and help people solve problems.
3. Set high expectations. This doesn’t mean unattainable workloads. Passionate leaders should inspire and challenge people to do their best, without overloading them.

Adapted from “How to Make People Passionate About Their Work” by John Baldoni

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